Tuesday, December 25, 2012

UITM di hatiku

Assalamualaikum , Hello , Hai ! Audy here :) 24/12/2012 , tepat sebulan Audy as UITM's student . I found a lots of new friends here. But the old one still in my heart. (AHAKS!)
Okay now , let me begin my UITM's story ;)

This picture .. Myself with Bulat @ Nabilah & Amalina with Shieda. Kami sekelas. 
Assignment,Presentation , homeworks and etc we do it together. Actually kami berharap same class with 3others buddies , tapi bukan rezeki kan , hmm :( 
But its okay , at least kami tak terpisah semua sekali . Just terbelah dua je , hahaha.

Hellyeah ! Ini dia geng kami :) 7 of us . Agak-agak boleh match with SMASH (boyband Indonesia) tak?
heee *dreaming*
Oh yeah , kami INVESTMENT's students. BM114 a.k.a DIIA .
Apa DIIA ? Diploma In Investment Analysis .
Kami survive hidup as a UNIVERSITY's students bersamasama .
Doakan kami bertujuh bersama till the end of our journey !!

My new life start with BISMILLAH , hope i can success :)

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